The word means ‘hold out or ‘hold forth’.To catalyze or facilitate the natural and spontaneous expression of our Instincts, Traits, Energies, Desires or any aspect of our Creative Spirit, Self or Persona.

Exhibition can be Selective, when specific instinct, desire or motivation is being facilitated or conducted. Exhibition is selective when some or many aspects and processes of Persona are processed and expressed through the Mind. Exhibition is widespread when the entire domain of Personality functions is activated and conducted with natural ease of expression and Cognitive functions.

Exhibition of Persona can involve Higher Order Intelligence or Lower Order Instincts, Drives or Impulses. What is being exhibited or released as Personality depends on the Locus of Intelligence driving the Psyche.

Mode of Exhibition is catharsis, response, reaction, evocation or provocation. The domain of Exhibition of Persona could be Intellect, Mind or Body. The layer (Realm) of exhibition could be at the Conscious, Subconscious or Unconscious parts of our Persona.

Triggers of Exhibition could vary and be different for different individuals. Triggers can be similar sometimes, but impact and effect could be different in different Individuals.

Some of the common triggers are Joy, Confidence, Euphoria, Strong Intent, Reward expectation, Duty and Cognitive Syntheses.

Some Effects of Exhibitions are expanded awareness of Inner Intelligence, improved expression of Mind’s Potentials, effective sense of Self, surge in Creative Instincts, ease of Mind and Body.

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