Creative Personality

As Individuals, we employ our Personalities to bring creativity into our pursuits and experience of Life. Main pursuits of Life are Relationships, Careers, Finances, Wealth, Social Networking, Healthy Lifestyle, Parenting Gen-Next Children, Psyche management (our emotional, social, and environmental crises.)

Creativity of our Personality emerges usually when there is a Context. This context becomes the stimulus or trigger for the relevant creative instinct to be activated. The stimulus could be pleasant or unpleasant, but the desire and motivation to act or solve an issue carries the Creative instinct outward.

Creativity requires Space. Just as an infant requires a cradle initially to explore and experiment with the novelty of its body. Our Mind and Brain need the free space to contemplate and introspect without constraints of external over-indulgence, excess management and constant external rules and interventions.

Creativity needs facilitation and Support. Freedom of Self expression is good enough when Individuals Self Confidence and Self Worth is strong. At other contexts, extra settings are needed. These settings are Trust, Non-judgmental support, base resources like finance and safe place. A trusting mentor, teacher, parent, or friend can provide the MSP (Minimum Support and Protection).

Creativity seeks Time. Just as a seed sprouts and grows into sapling and more, creative instincts and impulses evolve and mature with investment of Time and dedication of Efforts. Getting past frustrations and refinements bring maturity to the idea, dream, and personality.

Creativity meets Outcome. Just as trees bear fruits and future seeds or clouds become rain and pour to quench the thirst of earth. Creative producers must meet outcomes based on Purpose, Relevance, or Impact related Satisfactions.

Creativity sustains only when there is Acceptance and motivation to express!


2 thoughts on “Creative Personality

  1. Thanks for the insights – will surely help families, friends provide MSP. How can individuals break through the shackles of procrastination (even in situations where motivation, space, MSP are present)?

    • Thanks SP for the input.
      To expand the Views; Starting with ecosystem of Famiy, then Institutions of Education, Social Learning, Religion (if applicable) and Occupational Mentors provide and contribute MSP. Efficiency of these ecosystems in matching up (compatible) to the growth needs of the person, matters most. Otherwise, Maximum Supports and Protectionism can fail and create Miscreant Personality.
      Procrastination will be covered as a sequel in this series.

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