Creative Persona

Individual Persona forms based on contributions from Dual Resources. Inner Resource is Psyche. Outer Resource is Brain, Body and Environment. The Optimizing layer of Intelligence involved in the Creative dynamics of the Persona is the Subconscious or Unconscious layer of Mind. (click on the link for “The Mind”)

Just like Creativity has a dual Input of Resources (Inner and Outer), Creativity has dual Focus (Internal and External). (click on the link for “E-Focus”)

 Internal sense of Creation or Re-creation involves a process of Reverse Engineering or Inner Engineering. Methods like Heartfulness and Mindfulness assist this process. Meditation is an inward process.

External sense of Creativity and Re-creativity evolves through a motivational focus on Objective evaluation, Reason, Imagination, Modification, Augmentation or Alternative for Existential Reality. Concentration is an outward process.

Individual Persona and its efficiency in manifesting Creativity is a direct outcome of one Cognitive factor called SYNTHESIS.

To refresh your memory on Persona & Personality, refer to: The Persona & The Human Personality (click on the links)

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