Latin origin, ‘Focus’ meant Hearth or Fireplace. In English, it means point of Convergence.

Spirit, Consciousness, Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality and Roles are realities of each Individual’s Existential Journey.

Core energies, Intelligence and Instincts flow, transform and adapts to context, situations and circumstances in each Realm. Each Realm has a Nucleus or Node, which receives and holds together our Intelligence. This function is called Integrity.

In the Mind, Kundalini is the Nucleus, Chakra are the Nodes. In the Body, Brain is the Nucleus and the Plexus are the Nodes. In Digital realm, we use the term Server-Client model (for Nucleus-Nodes) or Blocks in now evolving DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Architecture.

In our Pursuit of Life, do we have some Focus? Do ‘I’ have points of Convergence of my Instincts? Does my Intelligence add up together to a sense of Integrity? Am I converting my Energies into Functional focal Roles? Do I feel my Persona as ONE (Centered)? Does my Focus shore up my Volus or do I just accept frivolous (Free of Volus)?

In current times, Social Realm is exploding with Divergence. Is it possible for us to find and keep our Focus and Volus?

With Hope, ‘I’ linger!

Refer to “The Mind” page for more information on the mind

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