Latin origin, ‘Volus’ means Wish or Will. In-volute means turning inward and E-volute is rolling (unfolding) outward.

Time has Dimensions. Life has Realms. Across the dimensions and realms, our Core energies, intelligence and instincts flow, transform and adapt. Intelligence adapts to context, situations and circumstances in each realm. This is how multiple layers of Realities come into Existence.

Spirit, Consciousness, Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality are six realities of our Individual Existence. Our Identities into these realms evolve over Time. Hence, the term Existential Journey.

During this Journey, we are Experiencers of what is already created (Reality) and Co-Creators (Imperiencers) of what can be Re-created.

To Recreate our Life Experiences, we need our Will to Evolve (Evolution). To recreate our Inner Identities, we need our Will to Involve within (Devolution).

Am ‘I’ aware of my Will ? Do I pursue my Will ? Do we have a Collective Will ? Will for Life (Jeeva) ? Will of Duty (Dharma) ? of Service (Karma) ? Will of Love (Prema) ? Will to Heal (Chikitsa) ? Will for Truth (Sathya) ?

Do ‘I’ just exist to experience Wish fulfilments, I ponder!

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