Trans-Acting I

Transact meant ‘to drive through’ or ‘to carry to completion’. Latin word ‘trans (through) +agere (do, lead). The current meaning is Conduct, Negotiated Agreement.

Transacting has multiple Realms and many levels. It involves Receiving, Influencing and Exchanges.

Realms of Transacting:

Spiritual: occurs at the level of Consciousness, mode of Light.

Self: happens at the Realm of Individual Souls, mode of Love and Energies.

Psyche: occurs at the Realm of Self; mode is Innate Energies, Ideas and Abstract Thoughts.

Persona: occurs at the Realm of Intellect, Mind and Body; mode is Subconscious mix of Innate and Acquired Impressions.

Personality: occurs at the Realm of Biological and Physical; mode is Conscious blend of Impressions, Perceptions and Environments.

Do we as Humans, Transact at Multiple Realms ? Are these Transactions Simultaneous ? Do we develop blocks in Multi-Realm Transaction processes !! If we lose Higher order Transactional Abilities, what Shrinks? what is Left ?

3 thoughts on “Trans-Acting I

  1. Yes ! Yes ! Yes !
    I don’t know the answer to what shrinks and what is left because I’m just busy growing 😃

  2. Very well explained. Transacting is mostly mistaken to happen with the outer world alone. But you have shown so many ways. How to eliminate blocks is what you could throw light on , through your blog!

    • Thanks, appreciate your suggestion.
      Transacting II and III will cover a bit more on Outer World Mechanics and Inner Self dynamics. Just to set the Precepts correctly.
      The ‘How to’ aspects will be covered in upcoming Webinars, since it involves specifics; sweeping generalisations will not work.

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