Trans-acting III

Transacting is part of Conduct based Relationships, with our World around. This includes Human Interpersonal Relations, Relating to the Environment, Ecology and other man made Systems like Society, Institutions and Business entities.

The Levels of Transactions in Current Relations are Intellect based, Mind based or Physical body based.

Intellect based:

Beliefs, Ideologies, Systematic Perspectives called Schema, Principles, Purpose, Cause are transacted.

Mind Based:

Reason like Justifications, Deflecting, Reflecting, Deducing, Rationalising, Imitating are transacted.

Emotions like Love, Joy, Happiness, Fear, Anger, Contempt, Compassion, Empathy, Sympathy, Kindness etc are transacted.

Feelings like envy, greed, jealousy, lust, exploiting, abuse or cause and inflict emotional pain are transacted.

Physical based:

Physical needs or greed for place, property, luxury, monetary assets, money as currency is transacted.

Biological needs and comforts like food, safety, health, proximity to resources and connect with nature is transacted.

Behaviour based:

Services like buying, selling of material objects, educational tools, physical labour, vocational expertise etc is transacted.

Acts of Mentoring, Governing, Teaching, Healing, Parenting, Caring, Worshipping, Guiding are transacted.

Time as an objective resource is Transacted.

Whether Transactions are only Overt, or hidden aspects with Covert Transactions are intertwined ? What determines the Transparency, Partial Transparency or Opaque Transactions ? Are Relational Transactions Unilateral or Mutual ?

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