Trans-acting IV

Transactions are influenced by Positions; of Power, of Respect, of Value, of Worth. One of the original meaning came from the word ‘trans (through) + agere (do, lead).

In Golden Ages, when Character was represented by True Self; Psyche, Persona and Personality were authentic extensions of Self System. Power, Respect, Value and Worth were Characteristics of Leaders, who held Positions.

Positional Hierarchy in those times were based on functional Merit (Deservance).

In subsequent Ages, Authenticity of Self became layered (bilayered, trilayered etc.) Psyche held multitude of changes from impacts acquired through Experiences. Innocence of Original Self was coloured and polluted by deeply internalised and Identified experiences.

Psyche mutated according to the Self Defensive and Self Sustaining Changes. Contents of Experiences bifurcated into Positive and Negative types; giving rise to the Notion of Good Self – Bad Self.

Persona underwent more Variant changes and probabilities of Diverting and Perverting expanded. Expanding scope of Diversity of Influences and Experiences lead to more options and challenges of Self Regulation and Self Composure. This became the basis for Ego formation. Ego mediates transactions between the True Self and added layers called False Self.

Personality underwent Changes based on this Modified Self expressions based on Environmental, Ecological and Social Contexts and Transacts according to Altered Relations and Realities; Divergent and Deviant from Original or True Self, the Human Personality continues to lead or mislead.

Are we Aware of all the layers to our Self System.? How often do we feel that we are transacting from different layers to the Self.? Do we hear within Self Transactions, a distinction between ‘One Voice’ versus ‘Many Voices’.!! Do we sometimes realise the need or call of Core Self, as if something within has been in Quarantine for a long time, waiting to be unleashed in Transactions.?

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