Transacting V

Trans-actions, where Trans means ‘through’, indicates Doing (Action) which Influences (Impacts) Across (Boundary or Fence).

In a Stratified and Pyramidal structure of the World and Society, Equality does not exist; Equity Matters.

*Equity is Spiritual, Individual, Psyche-logical, Personal, Behavioural and Material.

*Based on Awareness of Equity that we carry, we choose our predominant Locus (Center) of Transaction.

*Locus determines the Strata (Class) that we Identify our Self with (Image).

*Image carries the Action potential and scope of Influence we generate in specific Direction (Intent).

*Intent crosses Boundaries and Barriers of our Limitations.

*Direction of Influences can be within the Class (Lateral) or above / below our Locus (Vertical).

*Lateral Transacting creates Communities and Democracies; Vertical Transacting creates Politics and Hierarchies.

*Intent of Love Creates and Connects; Intent of Hate Destroys Original Templates of the Existential World.

Do we Transact knowingly.? Do we Transact by Choice.? Do we Act based on our Equity.? Do we Influence Creatively.? Do we Violate to Create or to Destroy what Matters.? R V Informed.!!!

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