Original word in Latin, ‘Dissolvere’ meaning to ‘Loosen‘ up; causing it to disappear or destroy so that it does not exist in the current form.

Usually, Dissolve is a process involving; Change in Form (Appearance) and Merging with a Subtler Substance (Transform). As Example (of Material Science), Solid turns into Liquid or Liquid turns into Vapors.

In Psyche ology and Person ology where ‘ology’ means ‘subject of study’, Psyche and Persona formations, their consolidation (tightening up), then their disintegration (breaking up), followed by dissolution (disappearance) and death (non existing) is Studied.

Morphological Psychology relates to this field of knowledge. Trans-formation of Persona and Personalities involve dissolving the earlier Forms of Body, Mind or Intellect to their Subtler Forms.

Death, in this context, is an Intermediate Process and Reality in Trans-formations.

This whole systematic process of Creative Formations (EROS), Re-creative De-formations (ALTER), Dissolving (Change) and demerging (THANATOS) is part of the Universal Life cycle (Eon).

Universe Re-cycles and Re-generates processes, to Re-produce towards Perfection.

Do we Sense similar processes and changes in our Individual Journey’s and its Trajectories ? Does the Stages of our Life Cycle follow a similar Instinct towards Perfections ? Do we allow and accept our Psyche and Persona to Form and Dissolve in alignment with Universal Eon called Maha-yuga and Universe’s Era’s called Yuga ?

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