Di means ‘aside’ and Vert means ‘to turn’. In French, Vert means Green. Divert shall mean ‘in accordance with the Turn‘. The Turns that change the Direction of Life and Course of Life-Tracks.

Self is not a Static Intelligence. Originally, It is an Extension of the UNIVERSAL Consciousness which represents the Life Force. Life Force is Eternal and Dynamic. It Changes and Turns in accordance with its Ally called TIME. Self receives and accepts these Changes accordingly.

TIME ( Samaya) guides by providing the Green signals to make Appropriate TURNS.

Psyche manifests these Intrinsic (Subjective) Changes as Instinctual changes or turns. Further Extensions and Externalizations of these Instincts manifest as ‘TURNS‘ in our Personal Domains of Intellect, Mind and Body. Such turns and Shifts within our Persona (INTRA-VERT’s) is what leads to multifaceted Growth of Potentials within the Personality.

What the Psyche and then the Personality extends to Manifest in Human ecosystems and Social environments is called PER-FORM.!

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