Seek‘ now means ‘to ask’ or ‘to find or get’ something. Original root word in Latin meant ‘to perceive keenly by scent’.

Does Evolution make Human Languages more Shallow ?

Do the Lost Worlds and the Archaic Parks represent the Lost Meanings! Do our Education and Teaching systems promote us to MUGGLE and GOOGLE, and demote us to have Hollow Per-spectives ? I wonder !

Psyche seeks to manifest a functional, healthy and effective Persona. Persona is ideally constituted by Healthy Intellect, Healthy Mind and Healthy Body. Psyche seeks to Heal and re-turn the Individuals Personal Injuries, Hurts and Damages. This happens by the Body and Mind turning inwards (Prathyahara) to Self and its Potentials.

Persona seeks Experiences through Intellect, Mind and Body.

Personality seeks Expressions, Relations and Comfortable Environments.

Lifestyles seek Transactions of Learning and Teaching or Receiving and Giving.

Life Force seeks Birth (Eros) and Death (Thanatos).

Universal Consciousness and Time seek our Self to Re-Turn, Re-Mind, Re-Sonate and Ascend with the One Verse.

SEEKING is not the Pursuit of Happiness or Comforts; Seeking is to perceive keenly one’s own scent of Love and INTENT.

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