Ig-nore meant ‘in’ + know. Now it means ‘to not know’, ‘disregard’, ‘not notice’ or ‘be unaware of’. ‘To give no attention’ is also Ignoring ?

Urban Dictionary Root Sense: Ig = do or doing; Noring = to have no distinguished qualities and live a lifestyle free of excitement or interesting events.

In Matters of Psyche and Persona formation, Self manifests by Intending to Express and Evolve its Instincts as Ideas (Thought based), Feelings (Emotions based) and Sensations (Body based).

Whether INSIDE-OUT process of Externalizations or OUTSIDE-IN Process of Internalizations of knowledge and awareness, INTEREST and INTENT are the important Drivers of ‘Doing’ or ‘Living’.

Doing Nothing are signs of Amotivation or Apathy. These are the Periods of Life, when we Hibernate , or Retreat from Engagements with Lifestyles. Intellect does not listen, Reasoning does not communicate effectively, Mind does not Learn, Brain does not pay attention to needs and we Disregard our Self. To overcome the Inner Emptiness and Boredom, some Personalities Debate and Argue meaninglessly and mindlessly to make some Noise and gather Attentions.

Ignoring blocks the dynamics of Life Force that we are, and we feel fixated in Status quo patterns of Life. Nothing Changes Inside or Outside.

We may try to Meditate, but end up Snoring.!

2 thoughts on “Ignoring

  1. When we are overwhelmed by matrix of diverse activities and deadlines it is possible to have a an intervel of inaction, passivity etc and need not be considered as ignoring. Period passivity could be due to pondering deeply the issues mentioned and contemplating a good viable apt solution/ alternative etc. But inordinate long period of silence and not showing willingness to respond will often be construed as ignoring if positive signals to await a response are not forth coming.

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