‘Pre-tend’ evolved from the Original word ‘Praetendere’. Prae (before)-tendere (stretch).

In Matters of Psyche and Persona formation, the Core Intelligence of Self manifests by Ex-Tending the Self’s Intuitions as Instincts. These Instincts of Psyche, then extend as Thoughts of Intellect. These thoughts from Intellect extend as Emotions of Mind. The Emotions from Mind extend as Feelings of Brain. Feelings from Brain extend as Neuro-physical reactions of Body. Neuro-physical Behaviors are mediated by Biological chemicals called Hormones, Transmitters and Enzymes. Neuro-physical reactions from body, thus extends as Sensory and Motor experiences of Somatization of Life Force..

At each level of the INSIDE-OUT process of Externalization of Core Intelligence, there is a Sense of ‘Stretching out’ or Extending our Self.

But What happens before we Stretch our Selves outwards ?

At each domain of our Persona formation, we Experience Anxiety of Anticipations. (As if I am walking out of my Comfort zone). This is the basis of Self Doubts and Ambivalence (being in two Minds).

Pretending is the Play of Imagination and Apprehensions, before we actually feel ready, set and confident to stretch forth, Evolve and participate in the External Realities of Life.

Pre-Tensions are sometimes part of Preparations of Persona before one Launches out to Explore the Real World.!

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