Select means to ‘to choose out‘, single out, separate apart. Selection is a process of Narrowing down our Choices from a number of Options.

Persona formation involves Choices made over a period of time, since early Childhood. In the Beginning, our Base Intellect, Mind and Body are like Stem Cell. We carry Omni-Potent Potential and Awareness. We are Experientially Naive (Innocence). Mind is Joyfully all over the place, except when Basic needs are not met (Deprived). Deprived state of Mind experiences Frustrations which produces Image of Anger, Fear, Despair, Sadness and Anxiety in varying proportions. Mind seeks to restore to the point of Joy and Happiness.

Selecting has two Sides– Internal (Persona) and External (Personality).

Loss of Ability or Helplessness in restoring the Original state of Joy, Happiness and Peace causes Inner Grief and Separation (Splitting). Omnipotent Sense crashes or Spirals down. Sensing Inner dissolution and loss of Self control, the Mind produces two forms of Anxiety; Castration anxiety and Anticipatory anxiety.

Core Anxieties (Neuroses), feel like a Dissolution of Self (Existential Threat or Catastrophe). This becomes the basis for Selective Expression of Inner Intelligence and Potentials. The growing child becomes a youth with Carefully Selected Choices of Instincts, Motivations, Drives and Interests. Potential Package of our Wholesome (Unconditional) Persona and Positivity Unlimited is Inhibited. The part that we externalize (Personality) is a Limited (Sub-Version) retail outlet of our True Potential.

Limitation of Awareness and Potentials becomes an Adaptive and Survival based Personalization of the Omnipotent Stem Cell or Core Intel called (SELF) or (Swa).

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