Pre-fect‘ means to ‘put in front’ with authority, in charge, or lead with authority like a Superintendent. A Prefect has a designated or nominated position and duty of Authority and Responsibility. It means ‘accomplish in accordance with a pre-determined Duty, Mission or Agenda‘.

Prefection requires the Individual’s Persona to be well equipped with Vision, Intent, Aptitude, Skills, Response-ability and Account-ability, to walk ahead as a Leader and Role Model. Prefecting requires the Persona to be an Integrated Self (Swa-Yogya), free from Prejudices and having Expanded Self Awareness (Swa-Bodhya). Prefects usually have an outlook for Greater Good and Collective Progress.

Persona of a Prefect maintains Resilience and Self Reliance (Swa-ithwa), to face many adversities of Life. This demands their Intellect, Mind, Brain and Body to be clear from unwanted Blocking, Deflecting, Reflecting or Infecting. They attempt to be free from Afflictions. They seek continuous Perfections and keep rising above their mistakes and failures through their Intrinsic Wisdom of Inflections.

Prefects challenge the Trends. They move away from the Routine and Mundane Fashions and Opinions of Life. They may break Rules to make space for New and Better Rules.

Misperceived often as Eccentrics and Despicable Outliers, they become the real Frontline Warriors and SUPRAVERT the Destinies of Lives.

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