Deflect” means causing a change in direction or turn aside from straight course of thought or feeling or behavior. Also includes causing to deviate from an intended Purpose or turn aside a cause or turn the Cause upside down. This happens in the Mind when Censoring or Blocking is not completely enough to suppress or repress inner Expressions.

The result of such processes is Communication deficits. Internalization and Externalization of informations become Selective and Impressions and Expressions during Conversations become Partial. Perceptions become Skewed or biased consequently. This unintentional modication of conversational patterns and the Sub-conscious limitations of Awareness results in narrowing of the Mind’s dynamism and the ability of Mindfulness.

Deflections do occur internally, between our Intellect and our Mind or Mind and Brain, or between all three domains of our Intrinsic Intelligence. This results in Attitudes like Skepticism, Cynicism, Ambivalence, reduced Self Confidence, loss of Composures, deficits of Consistency of thoughts and feelings or Poor internal Convictions on Matters of Life requiring Deep Diving.

Deflections do occur externally, between us and others (interpersonal communications) either in one to one or in Group communications. The problems here manifest as Personality deficiencies in the form of difficulties in Learning, Imbibing, Compound or Complex Analysis, Abstract Comprehensions and Expressive behavious. Often, there is subconscious anxiety and fear of being mispercieved by others as dishonest or incompetent. Excess Deflecting creates the habit and art of White Lies.

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