Block‘ means to make the movement or flow difficult or impossible. In Persona, this means the sudden halting in the passage of thoughts, emotions, Instincts, Motivations or Behaviors.

Blocking can impact the Internalization process or the Extrenalization process of Perceptions. Blocking can be at the domain of Intellect, Mind or Brain. Blocking of Awareness results in imbalances of Perception, Cognition, Memory functions or Senosry and Motor experiences and expressions of the physical body.

Blocking between the domains of Intellect and Mind causes absence of Intellectual Senses and increases Impulses of Mind. This manifests as Mania, or Bipolar states. Rational thinking and regulating becomes impossible.

Blocking beween the Mind and Body results in feelings, experiences and acts of Dissociation. Depending of the significance of Blocking, it can be temporary episodes or a state like Dissociative Personality Disorder.

Blocking in the physical body and its nerves creates paralysis or other Neurogenic symptoms and syndromes. Blocking at Genetic level leads to abnormalities of Physical development of Body and its organs.

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