Reflect‘ means to cast back, throw back or give back something, without absorbing the thoughts, feelings or behaviors within. During Reflections, we are either Bouncing off what we are Perceiving or Viewing as extrinsic thoughts, emotions, behaviors or Images.

To Reflect, a person needs to receive the information as energies, thought, feelings or observed behaviors and reproduce it back in the same form. To reflect efficiently, the Intellect, Mind and Brain needs to be in its state of purity and authenticity.

The Intellect reflects the thoughts we receive or access, the Mind reflects the emotions we experience, the Brain and Body reflects the physical matter we consume, the Personality behaviors reflect the environment we live in.

Reflections make up our Memory, our Cognition and Re-Cognitions and our Existential Roles and Identities which our Inner Persona plays out in the Society and Environments.

Reflections influences who we become (Existential Persona) in the context of the outside world and its current trends.

2 thoughts on “Reflecting

  1. Reflections happen through experiences, good or bad, and can impact the environment. As a teacher I feel this is so relevant as our students reflect what we let them absorb and perceive. Value based education matters so much for reflections that can create heaven in earth!!!

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