Inflect‘ means to Change, Conjugate or Vary something at the Base level, hence causing a shift in its external form or Manifestation. For example, (in Physical Matter) a shift in the Atom changes the form of the Molecule. In Genomic Matter, a shift in the DNA changes the form of RNA. In Biological Matters, a change in Nucleus changes the characteristics of the Cells and Tissues.

Inflection Transforms the Pitch (intonation) of our Voice, as we speak. In language, Inflection changes the words that we use normally by choosing and associating New meanings to existing words.

Inflection also describes a departure from a normal or straight course. In Psychology and Psychodynamics, Inflections transform the trajectory of our Persona and Personality. In our Lifetrack, Inflections are points in our Life where events and decisions we make takes us in a different direction, altering the course of at least one aspect (like education, career or significant relationship) of our Life.

Our Personality Systems are made up of a Hierarchy of Intelligences. When our Conducts connect with our Natural Environment, hormones respond and Lifestyle Inflects. Organized Lifestyle factors (Behave) connect our Body, Brain and Nerves through their Brain Centers and Nerve transmitters regulate and vitalize. Silence and calmness of the Brain and Body allows Minds Well-being (Composure). Composed Mind and Emotions respond with meaning, Reason. and stability between positive and negative Thoughts (Equanimity). Equanimity of Intellect (Beliefs are Constructive) responds by Non-Prejudice and Unbiased Love (Compassion), Soul responds with Love and Faith when Benevolence Inflects. When Faiths gather and align with Creators Designs (Dharma), Duty responds and Spirit Inflects.

Inflections inspire us to elevate above the status Quo of Reflections by Current Affairs. Inflections open the routes for uplifting and upgrading our Personality, manifest our Self Potentials (Transpersonal Psychology). This helps to accomplish better Life-Course, better chances of Survival and better Sense of Growth and Fulfilment.

Inflection occurs when a part of our Existential Intelligence connects and aligns with a superceding Potential.

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2 thoughts on “Inflecting

  1. Thanks Dr. RVI. Does it mean that we are at an inflection point where we can elevate ourselves and the world above the current pandemics

    • Yes. The current Pandemic is challenging our existence and the ways we choose to exist in this world. Our Lifestyles, our Societies, our Systems like Healthcare, Governance etc and as Humankind it is testing our Psyche and Spirit. We are at an Inflection point where our Ignorance, Superficiality, Dishonesty and Lies are being exposed. From here we have to choose to elevate ourselves.

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