Inflict‘ means to cause something unpleasant or painful to be suffered by others or Self. Legally, it is Mis-Conduct that transgresses Civil or Moral Law.

Infliction damages and degrades our Life’s Sensing, Reflecting and Inflecting abilities. Severe Pain blocks the opportunities and the potentials of the Mind to Internalize, Repair and Heal. The Injuries can be at the domains of Intellect, Mind or Body.

Infliction limits and distorts Perceptions, alters our Awareness, Biases (Polarizes) our Perspectives from the Intellect. Infliction always has a Negative Cause and Negative Effects. It blocks our potential to elevate and facilitates our Psychological impulses like Anger, Disgust and Contempt. This leads the Mind into acts of Sub-Versions and Corruptions.

Sub-Versions create a Life Course of downward spiral in all Domains of Persona. As Individuals, our Bodies (Biological, Mental, Intellectual) suffer with Afflictions; as Collective Species, our Societies, Communities, Nations and the Spirit of Humankind shrivels.

Infliction is a surgical strike on Human Consciousness, which takes us away from Inflections and Healing. Infliction can be overcome by empathy, compassion and love.

If the Reader is Aware or Recognizes Inflictions within Persona, or the emergence of destructive impulses, contact the Author via Email or chat.

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