Afflict‘ means to experience trouble, distress, disturbance or suffering at one or multiple levels of our Persona and Personality.

Where as Infliction is an Internalization (Outside -Inward process) of injuries, hurts, despair and damage and dis-ease of our Bodies (Koshas), Afflictions are part of the Externalization (Inside-Outward process) from the impact of those injuries, hurts, despairs, damages and diseases.

Afflictions are the results, consequences and manifestations of earlier accumulated toxic matters which have impacted our Base (Foundation) Versions of our Personality. For example our Genes (Genetic pool) is the Base or Foundation of our Biological Body. Once the Genes are impacted undergoing Negative Mutations, it manifests as multiple outward disturbances of the cells, tissues and Organ systems (called Phenotype abnormalities).

In the above example, the Internalized Genetypic damage is Infliction and the Externalized Phenotypic damage is Affliction.

Afflictions occur from any of the Domains; Intellect (Cognitive), Mind (Mood), Brain (Affect). Then they flow outward and express the disease and discomforts through other Koshas as Symptoms.

Healing and Cure occurs effectively when the Inflictions and Afflictions are addressed together. (Integrative Health)

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2 thoughts on “Afflicting

    • Afflictions can be from any domain. Domain of Thoughts, Emotions or Biological behaviors. Afflictions of Thought can be of two levels; Process or Content of thought. Affliction may derange both Process and Content, which leads to more complex problems and severe consequences.. like thought disintegration, cognitive loss etc.
      Dealing with Afflictions of the Intellect will be addressed in a future series. It is a heavy topic.
      Often, Intellect’s Health (Affliction free) requires the Mind to be less Afflicted and composed.

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