In-fect‘ means to ‘put in‘, stain, spoil or taint someone or something deep inside. A kind of Invasion and Establishment of something which was originally not a essential part of that system.

Biologically, this means invasion and multiplication of pathogenic microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, fungus etc), hence causing diseases of the physical body.

Personology, recognizes this as unwanted internalization, imbibing or imitation of social behaviors and Lifestyle choices (due to cultural or peer based influences), or incompatible emotional attitudes and approaches, or dysfunctional, negative beliefs and ideologies.

Infections of Intellect, corrupt our Base Thoughts and alter the Perspectives of our Inner Persona.

Infections of Mind, corrupt our Base Emotions and change the Perceptions of our Inner Persona.

Infections of the Body, disrupt our Base Biological Homeostasis and dis-ease the functions of our Persona.

All the above disruptions and corruptions manifest as Afflictions (Diseases, Disorders and Collapses) of the Personality.

Infections which change the Nucleus (DNA) of Persona causing Complex Afflictions like Sociopathy, Psychopathy etc will lead to Perversions in Personality. Infections which mutate the Intellect, Mind and Body and make them vulnerable, susceptible and inferior functioning lead to Subversions.

Means and Efforts that remove these Infections, Sanitize and purify our Systems are SUPRAVERSIONS.

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