Per-Fect, a word that lost its Original meanings completely and is now a rogue word. ‘Fect’ means make or do. Per means ‘according to’ or ‘by means of’. The combined meaning is accomplish in accordance to.

Perfection is a temporary Milestone, while our Personality is on a Track or Trajectory towards a Purpose or Destination. Per-fection is not a Fixed Target. As our Persona grows and expands, Inner Senses and Inflections shine Light on the Road Ahead. New Possibilities and Probabilities require us to Improvise our Efforts and Intent.

As a Child, Perfection is Obedience in accordance with Nurturers (Mother or Father), which changes as Teenager. At Teenage, accomplish in accordance with Teacher. Adolescence is Accomplishing Behaviors in Accordance with Peers and Buddies. During Youth, Accomplishments as per Colleagues. Adult Accomplishments as per Mentors or Leaders or Gurus etc. External Perfection is Accomplishing in accordance with Social or Cultural or Traditional Morals and Trends.

In current times, Husbands and Wives try to Perfect with each other, and often give up sooner or later!

Transpersonal (or Transcendental) Psychology looks at Per-fecting as a Model of Ascending Hierarchy. An example is Hierarchy of Needs by Abraham Maslow. (Starting with Survival Needs then Social Needs and proceeding to Self Actualization Needs).

PERFECTING is a process of Ascending and Expanding Individual Perceptions and Awareness. This Improves Inner Relations and alignments between our Intellect, Mind and Body. This prepares us for Supra-Versions.

2 thoughts on “Perfecting

  1. Worth a readđź‘Ť
    You say Husbands and Wives try to Perfect with each other, and often give up sooner or later, but why? Is it because perfecting is a temporary milestone?
    Can perfecting turn into obsession?

    • Elaboration: Husbands and Wives used to Perfect with other, more so in previous Generations (When Weddings were for Lifetimes or at least a Lifetime). Commitments and Promises mattered in those times. Children tried to Perfect their Persona around a Parent in those times. Parents tried to Perfect their Parenting Role around a Child or challenging Children. All these mattered within a Relationship Eco-System, with Long term Goals.
      Yes, Perfecting can be a matter of Obsession or even Compulsion (because there are no other options).
      In current Times, we live in a Open Society, Open Traditions, Open Family Values etc where there is more or extreme permeability. Humankind Today, do not have the Mindset to Persist, Commit or Live up to Promises. We give up Sooner!!

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