De-fect‘ has evolved into many Adapted meanings (Forms) and the Original Version (Uni-Verse) is not Viral anymore. ‘Fect’ means Accomplish and ‘De’ means to, move out, move away, move from, move off, down, separate, removal, lose connection, lose alignment, deficit of Allegiance (Loyalty) or join the Opposite Forces, Group, Category, Party or Purpose.

RVI Version is “to accomplish, but not in accordance with the Original”. In this meaning, there is an element of Betrayal, Travesty and loss of Loyalty to the Original Sense. Defections are processes which create ‘Alternative Realities’. Defections are the basis for Mutations in the Universal Matrix (Consciousness), that produces different activities in the Domains called Intellect, Mind and Body.

DEFECTING is the cause for deficits and loss of ONENESS and experiences of Variety, Multiple Realities, Mortality of Per-Fections and formation of The Terminal World.

Defections leads to abandonments and Discordance from Natural Course of Life and Life-Tracks.

In Personology, De-Fections are the Cause for loss of Alignments, Blocking, Deflecting, Deficits of Composure or Disconnects (Splitting) between our Intellect, Mind or Brain. This manifests as Inner Travesty ; Betrayals between our own Intrinsic Values, Thoughts, Emotions and Actions. Di-Vorces occur within the System. Personality gets Disordered and Dysfunctional. Self, Psyche and Persona cease to function as one Unified System. Positivity and Negativity co-exist in this state and often project a Fake (Pretentious) Self for managing the Personal Image in the Society.

Internal Disloyalties (Un-Integrated States) of Persona often manifest as External Betrayals in Interpersonal and Social Relations.

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2 thoughts on “Defecting

  1. Dr. RVI.. in this dynamic world, the ‘original’ sense may have to mutate for survival and perfection. Will that be considered as ‘defecting’?

    • Good Insightful Question!
      The ‘Original’ sense or the ‘Ideal’ sense mutates for Survival, Perfection and Evolutions. Mutations are of two types- Healthy and Unhealthy.
      Healthy Mutations are adaptive Defections. They help us in dealing practically with current Realities and Contexts of our Human Life.
      Unhealthy mutations are maladaptive defections. They worsen our ability to deal with current Problems and Circumstances of life. Makes Survival more Challenging.

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