Emotions and their Potential Series- Part 3 of 9; Mind Assets and Afflictions

Affliction means ‘a state of pain, distress, grief, suffering, loss or persecution’. What Afflicts me turns around to Inflict?

Mind’s Assets and properties reside in three layers (Folders). Conscious, Subconscious and Unconscious. Conscious Mind is like our Current Account, Subconscious Mind the Savings Account and Unconscious Mind the Fixed and Recurring Deposit Accounts. All these combined together form the Psychological Wealth of the Individual’s Persona.

Who does this Wealth Management for us!!

I stick to the Assets accumulated in my Mind. I hoard more assets to empower the hidden assets of my Mind. I build the Trust within if Love as my Primary Emotion still prevails. I build Mis-Trusts within if Angst and Disgust has replaced Love. To disguise my Hate, I compartmentalize and dispense fake compassion and Motivations. Mindful living seems foolish. Mindless transactions seem practical and secure.

This Management style creates a split in my Persona. The True Self and False Self divide(Cor-ruption). The True self Image depreciates in value, confidence and worth. The False Self pursues compensatory increase in Social image and Social Value through fame, adulation, likes and followers. Over Time, Mind and its Elements are channelized and ex-vested in pursuing everything that matters to the World. Truly little is available to be invested on the longings of the True Self.

Conscience and Moral Ground becomes Barren or Infertile Fields. If anyone tries to water or nurture or activate these fields, ‘I’ feel intimidated. Inner Shame and Guilt must be suppressed, to maintain the False Self.

We then easily and routinely Behave (Act out) emotions, which feels unpleasant only if done to me. Inflict means ‘to cause something unpleasant or painful to be suffered by someone or something’.

Has the Once Upon a Time ‘Victim’ transformed into the ‘Predator’!!

When our Mind lives by the Senti-meter of fake emotions, we give away nothing, but we take Everything.

Mind becomes a Lie-brary of Exploitations!! And I perceive Entitlement as Love…!

Next in Series: The Potential of Emotions

3 thoughts on “Emotions and their Potential Series- Part 3 of 9; Mind Assets and Afflictions

  1. Very well structured.. one concept flows into another. Yes, we should be cautious of mind becoming lie-Brary of exploitation’s.

    • ‘Brary’ (per dictionary) means Repository. The Lies that we exercise knowingly, then imbibe into our Subconscious mind casually, becomes part of our Unconscious Mind, modifying and corrupting our original Emotions and Beliefs. Identify the firewalls, which can prevent the malwares of the Society from Co-rupting the Base Assets of the Mind.

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