Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 2 of 9: What Saps my feelings and emotions?!

Sap means ‘to gradually weaken or destroy a person’s strength or power’. What Saps my Emotions, my Feelings, my Affections?

Emotions (Primary, Secondary or Sub-emotions) and Feelings that we carry in our Minds are the psychological Assets. These psychological assets are internalized (assimilated) through our experience and transactions with the society and the ecosystem (World).

When we acquire material assets in our physical existence, we evaluate and bargain for Quality of the properties, jobs, gadgets, and relationships. We invest on Beneficial transactions and stay away from Non-Performing Assets and Negative Value Assets. We Divorce from destructive assets. We want to make sure that the Material assets convert to Gold and the Worth never depreciates.

How do I care for my Psychological States, my Mind and Quality of the Mental Assets and properties? Do I sharpen my Awareness about Internal Emotions and Feelings I carry? Do I make a Choice about which Emotions and Feelings are Positive Value assets? Does my Locus, Focus and Volus help in removing Non-Performing Assets? Am I Investing on Mental Wellness? or Mental Illness?

Do I drop the Baggage from Past or will the Baggage Sink me!!    

What Saps (destroys) my Emotions, Feelings and Affections; clouds, and transforms to Mind Afflictions !

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2 thoughts on “Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 2 of 9: What Saps my feelings and emotions?!

  1. Very well written. Most of our lives we spend on running after material assets without even being aware of mental assets leading to mental and physical illness. Its time we increase our awareness of mental assets.

    • Well captured. Running for material assets is natural, to gain material comfort and security. Just as we do cost-benefit analysis for material assets to remain Wealthy, could we not do it for Mind’s assets to be Healthy ! Wellness is about managing the Mind’s Assets Well. Prevention for physical illness.

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