Emotions and their Potential – Part 6 of 9: Abuse, a Tempest

Abuse is an ‘abnormal use of someone or something towards a bad purpose or effect’. So says the Diction. Common Sense feels “Abuse is the unfair use of ‘Powerful’ towards the ‘Powerless’”.

Mind and its Elements, the Life force that drives Mind, and the Potential it carries was never designed to suffer, cause suffering or to corrupt and exploit the weaker ones. Emotions were meant to Create bonds, build to Gather, Connect and Share.

Mind, experiences since Birth, an Irony of Self Control and Social Decontrols. Loss of Control brings Fear of Existence. Fear is unpleasant, destabilizing and demoralizing inner experience. Intense Fear or Dread paralyzes the Mind’s other Instincts and Traits temporarily (Freeze). Dread (Un-Secure) creates the inner need and drive to find sources of Security (like Back up DC generator). These sources can be external (Mother, Nurturer, Best Friend, Guardian, Guru etc.) or Internal (Courage, Reason, Logic, Belief, Faith etc).

Powerless Mind seeks some Power to Restore and Reboot its Survival process, based on its In-Sense (My Voice).

Empowered Mind is an asset. Enabled by knowledge and Resilient by Experience it gains Capacities. Capacities to overcome internal Fears, Anxieties and threats to Self-Security and Self Control. Why does the Mind not remain content with the success of Self-Composure?

Of the Five Primary Emotions (Pancha Bhava), Hate becomes the dominant sibling in the Mind, if allowed.                              

Greed (Lobha) is an overpowering expression. Anger (Krodha), Lust (Kama), Pride (Madha), Disgust, Contempt, Affection (Vatsalya) and Surprise (Ashcharya) are other Expressions of the Mind. Love and Hate fuels these Expressions towards the Society and World. Self-gratification and Self-exaltation drive the Mind towards its Pole of Negative and destructive existence. Abuse becomes a habitual tool and Abuser does not stop to reflect, usually. An abuser has often, justified his Negative Self Worth.

Survival of the Fittest, is the Marathon we are all running in this Humane Society. We care less about the Direction of Fit, the Mind is adopting. Unconsciously or Consciously, are we shaping a culture of Abuse? Is Sympathy enough as Compensation? Do we have the Empathy to Heal a Generation?

An abuser has often, justified his Negative Self Worth, giving Self the Right of Entitlement.

Then, I am supposed to have ‘A Voice’!…That only I Hear!! Is there a person, society or system that wants to hear A voice of Despair and Act to Correct?

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