Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 5 of 9: Trauma, a Process

Trauma is a deeply distressing or disturbing event that overwhelms an individual Mind’s ability to defend, cope, diminishes their sense of Self and the ability to feel the full range of emotions and experiences. Threat perceptions are heightened causing feelings of helplessness and mood swings.

Negative events and experiences can be Inter-personal (between my Persona and another Person) or between my Mind and Societal Systems. Society systems like Tradition, Culture, Religion, Education, Relationship Customs etc. can be steeped in Past (Outdated) or stooped to Future Vested Interests (Irrelevant). Thus, Trauma can be Personal or Systemic in Cause. Trauma can be abrupt or chronic (over Time).

MIND is fragile. Mind the Steps. Handle with Care.

Mind is a Child’s Vikram Lander (Lunar Probe) on this Earth. It comes equipped with Sensors to detect uneven (Asmita) Self versus Social experiences and unequal (Asamaanta) Interpersonal exposures. Mind Emotes to express Love, Belonging, Bonding, Relatedness, Acceptance, and Intimacy. Mind Feels for reception and expects return of its emotions (Reciprocation). The Returns are often Deficient and frustrating. Mind senses that expecting Mutuality is disappointing. Trust on ‘Mutual Fund’ based relationships diminishes. Emotional Investment is withdrawn. This feels like Betrayal or ‘Trauma.

Mind resents the deficient experience. The Ideals drive to seek better and more positive experience, form positive Memories. Positive memories help delete or substitute previous disappointments. The Search for positives leads the Mind to experiment in different ecosystems (family, relatives, peers, work, dating, marriages, children, philosophy, temples, Gurukuls, Leaders, God’s).

Trial and error succeed when Hope echoes (Validation); Disappointment (Non-Validation) succeeds when the experiment Fails.

Is my Mind Impacted by the Exposures of Existential Journey? How has the experiences modified my Virgin Mind? Do I feel the insult of Boundary Violations? Am I the Cause or the Victim? Do I Hope for Ideals or Search for Justice? Am I to pursue Angst or must ‘I’ Resign?

Trauma is not that which kills; Trauma erodes, corrupts, and rusts the basic senses of Mind’s Life.

Am I then expected by Society to retain, display or put on a show of ‘A Beautiful Mind’?…That surely Kills!!

2 thoughts on “Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 5 of 9: Trauma, a Process

    • In the current state of Society and Relationships, we invest our Emotions as Capital fund economy but expect the returns of Mutual fund Benefits. The Interest we earn is the Resentment of Mismatched Emotions.

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