Emotions and their Potential Series – Part 4 of 9: Di-Versions and multiple Verses

Potential means ‘the ability or latent qualities that may be developed and lead to future success or usefulness’. It is the Inherent Energy, the Instincts that the Psyche carries before the Existential Journey began.

The experiences of positives and negatives, the Affections and Illusions of the Societies and World were exposures. When and Why did the Memories become enclosures (cages) that limit our original Potential? Did these experiences alter my ‘Purpose of Mind’? Does this lead me to an Alternative Fate?

Beyond the Infancy and Innocence of our Minds, the Mind imbibes and registers Impressions. The Impressions (Experiential data) of our Personal Experiences of the World form the Individual’s World View. This World View is our Lens of Extroversion. Extroversion is awareness of How the Society; its people and the systems work.

The World and its Diversity (Multiversity in these Times) of Mindsets, challenges our Views continuously and at some point, of Experiencing, we are forced to put barriers on our Mind. Boundaries (Fences) to protect our Mind from hoarding Extroversions which are not compatible with inner ideology (Introversion) and stability. Inner Ideologies and Value form the core skeleton for ‘My Belief System’.

Introversion (Awareness of Self) is as important as Extroversion (Knowledge of World). One who balances these two domains and masters both with composure and purpose is Ambivert. An Ambivert finds his meanings from the Self and Actionable Cause in the World.

What happens to my Mind when Introversion is Rigid and non-adaptive? Does it constrict my Emotions and Affections? What happens when Extroversion is too flexible and non-selective? Does it make me a Mindless Experiencer? Did the exposures of my Life, expand my Potential to Succeed? Did the Experiences limit my Mind’s Potential to just be a product of the Memory Bank?

Memory Bank, overloads. Past dictates the Present. After Extroversion warps (distorts) my Psyche, ‘I’ Snap. Individual Potential is imprisoned.

Negative Memory is like a Black Hole, which swallows all Purpose, Principles and Sanity…!

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