Sanatana is not just a word or language matter. It indicates a realm of intelligence.


Glossa, lexicon and Biblion represent the Tools of Mental perceptions and communications. These tools underwent distortions and corruptions over time. The left over forms of language serves the Rhetoric more than the actual truth.

Chitra – A Solitary Star or Cosmic Lone Ranger

Shine with the opportunities or let the veil of ignorance spike the road to 2023!


Surrender is not subservience. In original sense it is to return to our Primary state of Intelligence and restoring it.


Power of Creativity rises from adding the abstract perception to the science of objective facts. Splitting or dividing the pursuit of science from the Surreal isn't Realism.


APARIGRAHA (Non-Hoarding): Not accumulating or aggregating possessions, belongings, relations, attachments and experiences; without Sense of Purpose, Meaning, Function or Appropriate Use. Excessive Indulgence leads to maladaptive attachments, bondages, imbalances; causing Intellectal or Mental Fixations on the few aspects and experiences of Life. Mind becomes murky and stagnates, like a Cesspool. Fixations may lead to Maladaptive … Continue reading APARIGRAHA


ASTHEYA (Non-Stealing): Keeping away from or Restraining the Impulses / Desire to acquire what does not belong to my Individual Creative Ownership through Legacy, Inheritance or Deserving Grace. Astheya applies to Matters like stealing someone’s idea, concept, wishes, pursuits, and freedom of Choice. This is not just material objects. Trying to disturb the peace of … Continue reading ASTHEYA


AHIMSA (Non-Violence): Abstaining, Refraining and Sublimating the Resentments and Angst that forms in our Intellect, Mind and Brain. Himsa arises from Desire to control people and situations as an act of Assertion and Superiority.Fear of losing importance or impulse of Self-preservation from threats.Outlet for Repressed emotions and vengeance to settle equations from Past.Inability to tolerate … Continue reading AHIMSA


The Integrated and Unified Self, lived up to its complete Potentials, manifested Personal Creativity as Gods, Masters, Heroes, Pioneers, Visionaries and Genius. They participated in Diversities of Creation, yet they Diverted to the Integrity of Original Self, which is Self Realization and Self Actualization. Self Realization ends the Perfecting, Blocking, Censoring, Deflecting, Perverting, Reflecting, Infecting, … Continue reading In-tegrating


Relate means 'to connect' or 'to associate' in a certain way. The Constituent words 'Re' means 'Again' and 'late' means 'at the end of usual or due period of time'. Late in Death means, something or someone who has Ceased to exist. Persona formation occurs since birth and proceeds through different phases and forms of … Continue reading Relating