ASTHEYA (Non-Stealing): Keeping away from or Restraining the Impulses / Desire to acquire what does not belong to my Individual Creative Ownership through Legacy, Inheritance or Deserving Grace.

Astheya applies to Matters like stealing someone’s idea, concept, wishes, pursuits, and freedom of Choice. This is not just material objects.

Trying to disturb the peace of a happy being, whether it be humans, flora or fauna, amounts to stealing. Encroaching on another person’s time and money against his wishes, is stealing.


Drawing Boundaries around our Sensing of Needs and carefully evaluating what we want; before pursuing more and more by Grab and Greed, rather than earning or deserving. This helps the practice of Self-Restraint.

Sensing of Gratitude for what we receive Naturally helps.

Coming up Next: Aparigraha (Non Hoarding)

One thought on “ASTHEYA

  1. That’s why it is important to create or have ‘good quality jobs’ that provide us opportunities to deserve/earn instead of grabbing/greed

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