APARIGRAHA (Non-Hoarding): Not accumulating or aggregating possessions, belongings, relations, attachments and experiences; without Sense of Purpose, Meaning, Function or Appropriate Use.

Excessive Indulgence leads to maladaptive attachments, bondages, imbalances; causing Intellectal or Mental Fixations on the few aspects and experiences of Life. Mind becomes murky and stagnates, like a Cesspool.

Fixations may lead to Maladaptive and Enmeshed Persona with low Self Worth. Hoarding is a compensatory mechanism to offset internal fears and Obscurity of Inner Sense of Locus (Self Gravity).

Any amount of Hoarding cannot undo this Inner Self deficit. Illusions rule over the awareness of Self. It feels within, as if a thick dark cloud covers our Inner Sky. Inward Sensing seems blocked completely or disconnected to the extent, where Intra-personal Sunshine seems under the influence of a long Eclipse.

Mindless Hoarding can amplify Inner deprivations of Sensing.

Coming up Next: Brahmacharya (Principle of Oneness)

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