BRAHMA_CHARYA (Alignment in Consciousness): Collective Consciousness is like the Cloud Sense in Information Technology. Brahma (in Hindu Myhtology) is the Universal Creator and Originator of this Mind’s Consciousness. Individual Minds are like a speck in this Ocean of Consciousness.

Mind when aligned with the Universal state of Brahman; moves, functions and Perfects in accordance with Consciousness. This is Brahma_Charya.

Such state of Persona receives Jnana through Intuitive Wisdom and Subtle Awareness of the Creator and the processes in the Creation.

Individuals have the Free Will to disconnect or deny connect with this Cloud Platform of Universal Mind. Free and disconnected Mind then operates on Individual Sensing and Localized Awareness (Ego), instead of operating as part of a wider super ceding ecosystem.

Unconnected Mind’s efforts to avoid Humility and Pre-tend or Pro-claim an Inflated sense of Reality (larger than Self Image), manifests as Narcissism. This leads to Bhrama_Charya (Alignment in Illusions) and Humiliations.

To Ignore mistakes, we commit more blunders by Perverting and not Diverting effectively to avoid losing our Selves into the Mess of Illusions.

Aham (Ego) is not Brahmasmi; Aham (I) keeps you away from Connect or Union or Yoga.

Can Ego (Aham or I) be part or subset of Brahmasmi !!!

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