NIYAMA- Individual Discipline

Niyama is a set of actions to be followed by the individuals in their Routine Life. The practice of Niyamas helps in maintaining an Order and Rhythm within the Self System. This helps the Psyche and Persona be attuned with our Unique sense of Individuality.

Shoucha (Cleanliness); Act of keeping the internal and external systems clean and pure; internal systems include our body, mind and intellect; external systems include the environment around us.

Santosha (Contentment); Act of being satisfied and feeling contented through moderation of desires.

Tapas (Shining with Purity and Light); Act of alignment of our internal systems and connecting to the Cosmic Energies.

Swadhaya (Study of the Self); Act of Introspection, Self Awareness, Contemplation.

Ishwara Pranidhana (God dedicated Action); Dedicating Actions to Consciousness.

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