Chitra – A Solitary Star or Cosmic Lone Ranger

Also referred as SPICA, it is the 14th star. Referred as the ‘Star of Opportunity’.

Vishwakarma, the celestial architect is the ruling deity of the star represents Creativity. This bestows sparks of inspiration and exceptional perception.

Nakshatra (lunar mansion) or Nakshetra (as was pronounced), are sectors which align to be part of the Celestial Roadmap.

R V Aligned internally with our Cosmic Source Codes?

R V allowing our Minds to live under the shadow of Eclipses (some short, some long) within?

Do I shine with the Opportunity or do I let Ignorance pre-veil?

What will spike our roadmap into the sector of Time, 2023 !!

The Stellar Ascension or the Human Recession………

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