‘Sur’ from Latin language carried the meaning as above, beyond, in addition

‘Rect’ from Latin origin means the act of recieving or the fact of being recieved.

Surrectus was borrowed from Latin, when it meant ‘Arisen’ or “I Arise‘ (Surgo).

When combined Sur-rection means to recieve from forces and powers that are above and beyond the Individual. Re-Surrect can mean ‘in addition to the Higher Powers, I Rise again.’

Religions, Educations, Politics and Governments today demand a kind of compromise of Individual Identities.

Where do we go to rectify our Self and its Senses?

Where do we find the Genuine forces to Resurrect Self?

Does the Human ecosystem have access and reception to the Surreal!

If yes, are the forces engaged in RECTION or RUPTION

2 thoughts on “Surrect

  1. When one decides to arise, his/her intent itself is enough to move on that path.
    Awareness, acceptance and intent can help us to join the highest forces for our upliftment. It is always there but our ignorance doesn’t allow us to witness.

    • This is quite true but added to these three pre-requisites, one must develop a strong will once he is determined to switch on to his path like the ” Top ten who changed the world” (George Ilian)

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