‘Sur’ from Latin language carried the meaning as above, beyond, in addition

‘Render’ currently means ‘to provide’ or ‘to transmit’ or ‘translate’.

‘Render derives from Latin word Reddere which meant ‘to restore‘ or ‘to give back‘.

When combined Sur-render means to give back and restore to the forces or Powers that are above and beyond the Individual. Sur-render also can be meant as ‘In addition to the Higher Powers, I restore my Individuality‘.

Religion, Education and Politics today demand a kind of Subservience to consolidate Power and extract obedience from Individuality.

How do we establish inner trust to Render our Personality with the Potential of the MIND?

How do we Render our MIND to align with leading powers and forces?

How do we Render our Feelings to our Psyche?

Does our Human Ecosystem enable our ability and Sense to Sur-render and expand or does it drive us to break and shrink!

The opposite of Sur-render is to conceal, confuse, distort, suppress, disorganize and destroy.

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