HERD: How will it be !

If Greed and Resentments become the predominant Influencers, ‘The Control Anima‘ could assemble a New Herd. A de-sanitized Herd led by a spiteful dictator, which will claim ‘Heard Immunity‘ and dismiss Sanity and Sanctity; thinking...I have heard it All !!!

Mind or Minds that dismiss and ignore Voices that represent better Senses from within; Sense of Calm, Sense of Peace, Sense of Reason, Sense of Purpose, Sense of Cause, Sense of Direction, Sense of Composure of Self System and its Psyche.! What happens to their Sanctity, Sanity and Stability ?

Consequences of Ignoring the Higher Senses within and Missing the Voices that Inspire the Self Connects, lead to a Callous state of Mind and its Sensitivities. This state is called Apathy.

Apathy blocks the Will to make or accept Choices that facilitate Change, Healing or Transformations.

Do we try to Hear our Inner Voices ? Do we pay Attention to the Inner Senses ?

Do we Sustain the Attention to our Inner Senses and their Calling ?

Do the Memo’s from Self fade as our Mind indulges and drowns itself in the Noises of the Environment ? Will the Noises in the World lead us to the Sense of Herd and its Immunity ?

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