HERD – How was it ?

Unity, Similarity, Assimilation and Cohesion are complementary words. These indicated the base characteristic called Herd Instinct.

Animals still display these Instincts. How did these play out in the Human History ?

Yoga or Yog represented this state within the Individual. This manifested as Interpersonal alignments between Individuals. Social relations were a function of these equations. To accommodate some or more diversity in Social equations, communes were formed.

Instincts were primary choices. Knowledge was secondary basis for making choices. Memories were tertiary alternatives for making life’s decisions.

Perhaps, this Human state existed when the Herd followed the natural and inner order. And this Order followed the one Hierarchy. The Hierarchy which was ruled or governed by Divine.

During the later federated course of Human order and the evolutions of the herd, where is the place and location for these Instincts and the Yog?

While we Jog to follow the artificial and outer disorder…the Divine watches in Silence!

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