Recapitulating- I

Sum up from Latin word ‘summa’ meaning ‘Whole, totality or Gist.’ Something which is Brief, containing the sum or substance only.

Lexicon means ‘a complete set of meaningful units in a language’. Alexicon means the absent awareness of meaning in the use of Language. This leads to the Loss of the Power of Abstraction.

Deep thinking and Deep Diving requires the ability to Deduct or Abstract from Concrete Observations. This process is called In-ferencing.

Self is considered Transcendental or Eternal. Whether in Myth-ology or in Psyche-ology, Self is an abstract identity when seen through our Inner and Inward facing Senses of Persona. We access these Inner Sensing by Turning Inward (Prathyahara in Sanskrit). In Myths, these Senses are called Sookshma Pragya and in Psyche-Soft, we call it Subtle Awareness or Self Awareness.

Psyche is the abstract, unmanifested Power that we carry as the Potential to create and construct our Persona and then unleash it as Personality, at the appropriate Term (Adolescence). In olden Times, this process used to happen in specified places under specified Masters, called Guru-Kula. Students and Disciples were taught and trained to Integrate their Awareness of Self, Psyche, Persona and Personality as One Self-System. Education was imparted and Learning was imported to match the Abstract Awareness of the Person’s Psyche. The Know-ledge thus Internalized, was Manifested by the Confident and Purposeful Youth.

Persona and Personality: The Know-ledge (Gyaan) carried by the Psyche, manifested as Purpose for Re-Creation (Externalization) of Persona. Persona is the Subjective (Ideational) Realm of the Individual. This included the Desire to experience and then Impact the World. Personality is that aspect of our Persona which manifests externally in the Context of Society, Situations and Circumstances and Interpersonal Relations. In the Guru-Kula system, Objective pursuits of Personality Behaviours were linked with Subjective Clarity and Dedication. As opposed, what we feel today is a Sense of increasing Split or Gap between our own PERSONA and PERSONALITY.

Life Today: Does our Personality match the Potentials of our Persona.!!

Follow up on Summa II

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