Summing II

Summary is the Brief of any Narrative. The Narratives are made up of Stories; divergent Stories with Variant versions of Beliefs (Perspectives) and concrete Reasoning (Perceptions). As Language evolved, Original Meanings were lost, old meanings were discarded. New meanings were Accepted by the Ticks of changing culture or Imposed by policies of ruling governance.

Language and Poly-ticks have always Changed over Time; They are like Siblings, who Influence each others evolution, either for the Better or for the Worse.

Meaningful Language and Meaningful Polyticks form the Lexicon of the specific Term called Genre and Age. Within that Term, Lexicon expands like a Sandwich spread, between two slices of Humanity; The Power-full and the Power-less.

Human Lives follow the same trajectory as Languages. Original Visions, Old Purposes and Recent Meanings die or get discarded at the end of a Term. Human Psyche grieves the loss of visions, Persona mourns the loss of Purpose, Personality bereaves the termination of the Relations.

Within our Self-System, we carry the Lexicons of our Psyche; through our Intellect, Mind and Brain, where Intelligence is Found and Lost…to be formed again.!

Between one Term and the next Term, there is a Transitional Space (Pleasant or Unpleasant) called Audit, Summary and Closure. The residual meanings that survive, give rise to New Inventions and New Meanings…& perhaps New Beginnings.

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