Glossa was a Greek word meaning tongue or Language, from which evolved the current word called Glossary. Glossary means a list of words relating to a specific subject, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

Lexicon means the total stock of words and word elements that carry Meaning. Biblion (Greek) meant Word-Book.

Dr. RVI as the Author, Blogger, Re-Searcher has been concerned about the erosion and degradation, despite the advances in Health Care Sector. He has been especially engaged with Mental Health Establishments across the three Continents- Asia, Europe and America.

The Purpose of creating this Glossary is to simplify the Lexicon of Psychology and create a Biblion (Word-Book) for common folks (avoiding Gender discrimination by not using ‘Laymen’) to know how Mind (their own) Works and then be able to contribute by guiding and helping others who seek help for Issues of Troubled Mind.

As the Globe is going or gone through the Challenges of facing the Covid Pandemic, and the known and available knowledge and infrastructure of Healthcare, Social care, Economic aid, Governance Establishments etc is engaged in regulating, minimizing and mitigating the Aftermath of the Pandemic; The Atlas Shrugs.

The Atlas Shrugged means here that the amount of meaningful and effective Resources available to us as Individuals, as Communities, as Nations becomes limited. Instead of increasing our dependency on external systems, we have to aim for Self Sufficiency and Self Reliance.

What will Matter is What do we do with that we Have.?” What will Help is “The Least we Have should be the most Effective“.

Fakery and Quackery will bring down, The Big and the Mighty.!

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