Glossa, lexicon and Biblion represent the Tools of Mental perceptions and communications. These tools underwent distortions and corruptions over time. The left over forms of language serves the Rhetoric more than the actual truth.

Summing II

Narratives, stories, ideas, language and poly-ticks change. The Human experience remain just an expiring Lexicon!


Power of Creativity rises from adding the abstract perception to the science of objective facts. Splitting or dividing the pursuit of science from the Surreal isn't Realism.


Wishing all the Best of Hope and Choices in the time of revisions, resignations and.....


Di means 'aside' and Vert means 'to turn'. In French, Vert means Green. Divert shall mean 'in accordance with the Turn'. The Turns that change the Direction of Life and Course of Life-Tracks. Self is not a Static Intelligence. Originally, It is an Extension of the UNIVERSAL Consciousness which represents the Life Force. Life Force … Continue reading Di-Verting