Change, a very common and very loosely used Word, throws up many Meanings in our Mind. To make or become Different, Alter, Substitute, Transform, Convert, Switch, Fluctuate, Modify, Divert, Adjust, Evolve, Alternate, Mutate…

Change is a Process. Change is an Action. Change is an Intent. Change is a Choice. Change is a Direction.

Change is not Status quo.

Change has two Leaders; Acceptance or Contempt. Change has two Visionaries; Love and Hate. Change has two Missionaries; Integrators and Dividers.

Change has two Aspects; ‘I’ and ‘You’.

What is the Equation of Change ?

I change You.!

I change, hence make you Change.!

I change, Inspire your Change.!

I do not Change, so Experiment with Your Change.!

I cannot Change, so Impact your Change.!

I will change, you may change and perhaps We will Change.!

RVI struggles to Sign into the equation of change; Have you tagged yours ?

Vishing all the Best of Hope and Choices on the day of Makara Sankranthi. This represents the TIME of Re-Visions, Re-Signations and Re-Vealations.

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