Chance, a widely used word denotes many Meanings in our Mind. Possibility, Probability, likelihood, Odds, Coincidence, Happen, Fortuitous, Accidental, Unintentional, Unknowingly, Unconsciously….

Chance is an Opportunity. Chance is a Trial. Chance is Providence. Chance is Grace. Chance is Divinity.

Chance is not Conditional.

Chance has two Leaders; Grace or Ignorance. Chance has two Visionaries; Synthesis or Splitting. Chance has two Missionaries; Elevate (Upgrade) or Delevate (Downgrade).

Chance has two Aspects: ‘Worth’ and ‘Value’.

What is the Equation of Chance?

My Worth heightens and determines my Value.!

My Worth lowers and descends my Value.!

My Worth descends but Fake Value ascends.!

My Worth ascends but my Value descends.!

My Worth and my Value split, causing Identity Crises.!

My Worth, my Value and my Identity lose the Will to exist.!

My Worth, Value and Identity connects with Cosmic Will and Grace.!

RVI chooses to Re-Sign into the equation of Chance; Have you ported yours ?

Wishing you the best of Hope and Choices that TIME (Ethereal) beckons.

2 thoughts on “CHANCE

  1. Chance is something comes in your way unexpectedly or sometimes unknowingly also. It may bring fortune sometimes or ‘head ache’ too on other times. If you choose to accept it or reject decide your fate. That discriminatory power is what is required. But Bhagavad Gita says decide and act stoucally…don’ think about the after will be under My protection..”Na mae bhakta pranasyati…”

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