Sign is referred as ‘object, a quality, an event or an entity that indicates the probable or actual presence or occurrence of something.’

Sign is a Mark, that always has a particular meaning. Sign is a clue, that communicates a message.

Re-Sign-ation may indicate Change or Chance.! Re-Sign may imply Desperation or better Choice.

Resignation is not just Hopping across.

Resignation has two Leaders; Self and Meta Self. Resignations have two Visionaries; Confusion and Clarity. Resignations have two Missionaries; Respect or Contempt.

Resignation has two Aspects: ‘Course’ and ‘Dis-Course’.

What is the Equation of Resignations?

My Course corrects and Marks a Meaningful Choice.

My Course elevates to Clue a message of Relevance.

My Dis-course alters towards occurrence of ominous Change.

My Dis-course meets a Chance to convert into Quality of Being.

My Course or Discourses so far does not matter; catapulting me into Functional futuristic Transformation.!

RVI aligns into the equation of transformational Course; Have you sought yours?

Wishing you the Best of Courage and Wisdom from the Universe.

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