THINKING – Critical or Kriti-Kal

How do we Think ? When do we Think ? Why do we Think ?

Linked to the word Cogito, which during Latin meant ‘I Think‘.

Cogito and later Cognito (regardless of the word usage) mean the philosophical principle that one’s Existence is demonstrated by the fact that one thinks. This turned into an Identity principle when ‘Cogito, ergo sum‘ was propounded or validated by philosophers.

Cogito ergo sum translated as I think, therefore I am.

Whether Thinking establishes our Idea of Self or an Identity of my Existential Reality, what use or relevance does it have?

  1. Critical thinking which evaluates, deducts and reevaluates to generate FACT of the Matter. This process of the Intellect or Mind is usually a process of Chewing over the knowledge, known as Ruminations.
  2. Kriti and Kal are Sanskrit or Indic words which mean Creative and Tomorrow respectively. This process is usually Novelty based, known as Out of the Box or Lateral thinking.

While Critical Thinking is like thoughts inside a cogwheel of Perceptions; Creative Thinking for refreshing Perceptions about tomorrow happens when we step out of Critical Thinking (Cogito Sums).

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