Re-Vise currently meaning to study again, to consider again an Idea and make changes that correct or improve. The object or subject of REVISER could be an opinion, knowledge, perception or perspective.

From Original Latin where videre meant ‘to see’, French adaptation meant ‘look at again’ to the current usage meaning ‘alter or edit’ something; the personality of the Word has changed over time.

Does our Self revise its Consciousness?

Does our Psyche revise its Awareness?

Does our Persona follow the Psyche?

Does the Personality manifest the Persona?

Does my Lifestyle match my Personality?

Do we Re-Wise or live by Repeating patterns till we feel irrelevant and obsolete!!!

2 thoughts on “Re-Vising

  1. True ..Introspection or seeking answers can be a big revelation for oneself!
    Nice one.. Thanks 👍

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