Complex means ‘consisting of many different and connected parts’. In Mathematics, the term involves numbers or quantities containing both a real and an imaginary part.

In Psychology and Personality formations, a group of repressed, suppressed and conscious ideas with emotional significance are called Complexes. These Complexes can originate deep within our Self, Psyche, Persona, Personality or may run across these Identity domains.

Complexes can be motivationally Neutral, or may produce a sense of Superiority or Inferiority. Based on the Quality of Ideas and the emotions attached to the ideas, the Temperament can be Positive or Negative. Complexes can be practically (behavior) Functional or Dysfunctional.

Complexes within the Ego and Superego form an Internal network Mentally. When these are stable and functional, Mind co-operates with ease and composure. When this network develops blocks, like splitting, dissociation etc. Mind produces symptoms like Anxieties, Panic or more, which are together classified as NEUROSIS.

A New Born does not have a Complex. R V Intro-Specting ?

Complexes arise from a conflict; when the Acquired knowledge is different / divergent from the Innate Intelligence. R V Contemplating ?

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